Smile Makeover


You know Costa Rica is a well-recognized nature’s paradise, filled with the most beautiful landscapes in the world. But from now on you should know this is also a global destination for world-class dental procedures, as well.

These are three reasons why choosing ConfiDental Costa Rica to improve your beautiful smile is the right choice. Believe me, you will thank me later.

We are a 5-start Dental Clinic
We offer a 5-star high-quality dental work, which all starts with a huge smile as soon as you walk into our door. Our patients are beyond satisfied customers who value treatment planning, transparency, pricing, patient-care and post-care follow-up.
We have top of the line technology with specialists in every field that will give their best work every single time. Our mission is to help our patients achieve a nearly perfect and healthy smile.

A beautiful smile for a low cost
Unlike clinics in the US, we offer affordable fees for a top-notch, high-quality smile. Let’s face it, the reason our clients travel to Costa Rica is they get a high-quality treatment for a price they wouldn’t have dreamed in the States. We are proud to give you value and satisfaction at a reasonable price.

Costa Rica Pura Vida – An Excuse to have a vacation
I bet you heard marvelous things about Costa Rica, and if you haven’t made the trip just yet, now is the time. This is a lifetime opportunity to get 2 for 1. Meaning you get your dental treatment and at the same time take advantage to travel around this gorgeous country.

Costa Rica has volcanoes, beaches, mountains, and rainforest all in one small piece of land. You can get breakfast side by side to a magnificent volcano and in the afternoon, watch the sunset at a beautiful beach. This can’t be done in all countries, yet, is an everyday adventure in Costa Rica.

Visit Costa Rica, learn about this lovely country while working on your dental care and smile all at the same time. Contact Confidental Costa Rica to get all the details!