Getting standard dental coverage has become a challenge for Americans over the past 20 years. ABC reported rising costs of overall health care had made dental tourism an affordable option. Costa Rica Dental Tourism has become an excellent opportunity for Americans to get the best treatment at a lower cost.

“A plan that covered $1,000 used to get a lot,” Dr. Paul Glassman DDS, professor of dental practice and director of community oral health at University of the Pacific said in the ABC report. “Now if you have an exam and get fillings, you have used your maximum.”

Because of it, people end up paying the dental care out their pocket, and those are only the ones that can afford it. Other Americans decide it is not worth it, compromising their dental health.

Real per capita expenditures on overall personal healthcare reached $6,819 in 2009, according to the ABC report.  However, the solution is outside American soil. Costa Rica dental care has grown to become one of the best options for dental care in the World.

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Many people wonder why the dental care cost in Costa Rica is lower than in the United States?

The answer is simple. The cost of living is higher in the United States than in Costa Rica.

“Almost no states cover dental benefits now,” Glassman added. “Adults who are low income are almost out of luck in terms of having benefits now.”

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