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Dental Surgery

Pain-Free Dental Surgery

Dental surgery has a reputation for being expensive and painful. However, at ConfiDental Costa Rica, neither of these are true!

While we also offer minor treatments, we know that most of our international patients travel to our clinic for a procedure that involves some dental surgery. The most common dental surgeries are tooth extraction and dental implants.

The good news is that most dental surgery isn’t painful or expensive. At ConfiDental Costa Rica, we utilize the best materials and equipment in order to assure that your dental surgery will be as pleasant and painless as possible. The use of modern anesthesia assures that you’ll barely feel a thing while your surgery is being performed. There is no need to fear the dentist anymore.

While you may not be thrilled about dental surgery, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with our affordable prices. The high cost of dental surgery is what stops most patients from seeking care in the United States and Canada. If cost has caused you to think twice about dental care, it’s time to set your concerns aside. At ConfiDental Costa Rica, you can get the dental care you need at prices you can afford, often at prices that are 50% to 79% less than prices in the US…even when including the price of your hotel and air tickets!

If you need dental surgery, have no fear. ConfiDental Costa Rica offers pain-free dental care at prices that are worth smiling about!

A Beautiful Smile is a ConfiDent Smile