Smile Makeover


Do you have chipped, cracked, or discolored teeth?  Or do you need to improve your bite?  An attractive smile has harmony in a combination of elements like color, contour, size, and symmetry with the patient’s facial features.

Even if you have healthy sound teeth, you can be dissatisfied with the aesthetic aspect of your smile, and a smile makeover at ConfiDental Costa Rica can give you the smile of your dreams.


What Steps are Involved in a Smile Makeover?

In order to identify the most conservative, least invasive procedures that, either alone or in combination, will yield the most striking results, you will need an experienced and skilled cosmetic dentist.  At ConfiDental Costa Rica, a smile makeover is something we specialize in.  It might be that just one or two treatments can produce subtle refinements to a smile and give you the results you want.  But it can also be complex, involving dental surgery and perhaps dental implants, crowns, or veneers.

The amount of time it will take for your makeover will depend on your cosmetic goals and the treatments you are going to receive.  It may take as little as a single day, or with complex treatments, a year or more to thoroughly renovate your smile.  For instance, if dental implants are part of the plan, there are months of healing for the implant to fuse (osseointegrate) with the bone.

The main steps that will be followed are:

  1. A consultation: Learning what the patient wants to change or improve, in the color, shape, or tooth position.
  2. Exam & X-rays: An evaluation of your oral health (a comprehensive examination of your teeth, gums, bone structure, and bite).   If it is determined that you have an oral health problem such as gum disease, in order to have successful restorations, that will need to be corrected before proceeding.
  3. Development of a treatment plan: Dental technologies like digital imaging software have advanced, enabling us to show you the changes in 3D that you can expect to see in your smile.
  4. Preparation work is done and temporary restorations (effectively, a “trial smile”) are placed to show the patient a smile that already looks better than the one they walked in with.
  5. Follow-up appointments: This allows the cosmetic dentist to evaluate the temporary restorations for color, contour, incisal edge position, and to learn how the patient feels about the new smile.  This is the best time to catch and make any changes before lab work is completed or can still be changed.
  6. Laboratory:  If porcelain is part of the plan, fabrication is done by an expert ceramicist.
  7. Finish work: Permanent restorations are placed to create a dazzling smile from imperfect teeth.


After a smile makeover, maintenance is the key to keeping your new smile bright and beautiful, by simply exercising good dental habits and oral hygiene at home, and having regular dental visits and professional cleanings.


At ConfiDental we have seen over and again how a brighter smile can improve one’s confidence and emotional well-being, and our patients tell us they find themselves smiling more than they have in years, and how they have become more willing to meet new people and to engage in more social activities, and how that has improved their social as well as their work life.

To speak with a cosmetic dentist at ConfiDental Costa Rica about a smile makeover,
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