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Confidental Costa Rica

With our respected team of doctors we provide confident and healthy smiles.
With our respected team of doctors we provide confident and healthy smiles.
Visit ConfiDental Costa Rica por the Best Dental Care
Visit ConfiDental Costa Rica for the Best Dental Care
Dental Procedures

A Beautiful Smile is a ConfiDent Smile

A confident smile communicates volumes without saying a word. When you smile with self-confidence, you demonstrate that you are outgoing and intelligent. In the workplace, a self-assured smile shows confidence and professionalism. When you smile, the world wants to smile with you.

Get a ConfiDental smile and make the world a happier place!

Cosmetic Dentistry

ConfiDental Costa Rica specializes in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. This includes dental implants, oral surgery, root canal therapy, periodontics and orthodontics…

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Dental Implants

At ConfiDental Costa Rica, we believe in preserving as many of your healthy, natural teeth as possible to provide the foundation for a lasting smile. However, when teeth…

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Aesthetic Dentistry

At ConfiDental Costa Rica, our leading cosmetic and restorative dentists are committed to giving our patients a radiant, confident smile.

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Dental Surgery

Dental surgery has a reputation for being expensive and painful. However, neither of these are true at ConfiDental Costa Rica! While we also offer minor treatments…

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What Our Patients Say:

Confidence is the feeling you have when you face the world with a beautiful, natural smile. Confidence is walking with pride, knowing that people will see the best possible “you” in your professional and personal life. How important is a confident smile? A confident smile gives you the self-assurance to open doors that lead to a better life. At ConfiDental, our goal is to transform your life by giving you a dazzling smile to last a lifetime.

Hear what our patients have to say about their experience with us!

I want to thank you for the work you performed for me. The results were outstanding, the Crowns fit very well and the fillings look very good.
James E. Harrison:
The cost was ¼ of what I would have to pay in the US and the experience was pleasant. I would highly recommend anyone contacting Dr. Jose if they are going to go to Costa Rica and wish to have some dental work done.
Trish Fields-Clark:
Dr Garita has really changed my life forever, I have the most beautiful and perfect teeth.
Fernanda Altieri:

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