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How to Prepare for Your Dental Vacation

Preparing to Visit Costa Rica

Planning and preparing for your Costa Rica dental vacation is easy once you know what to do. That’s why we’ve developed a quick checklist to help you get prepared for a successful dental experience in Costa Rica.

      • Have a valid passport.

        Your passport should be valid for at least another 6 months from your date of travel. If it is about to expire…get it renewed before you travel. If you are coming from the US or Canada, there is no need for a visa to visit Costa Rica.

      • Purchase travel insurance.

        Travel insurance protects you against unseen events, like cancelled flights, delayed flights, lost baggage, theft etc. The cost for good travel insurance is generally worth the sense of security it provides. www.travelguard.com

      • Pack for all kinds of weather.

        Costa Rica is a small country full of many micro-climates. Pack for a variety of activities – shorts, jeans, comfortable clothes, sandals, tennis shoes, a light jacket, swimming suits and plenty of sunscreen. Make sure to bring your camera to record your incredible experience in Costa Rica! A travel guide book is also helpful to help you get acquainted with the charms of our amazing country.

      • Bring important medical documents with you, such as x-rays, MRI reports, and any important information that your doctors and dental team should know.

        A medical summary is very helpful to pack in case of any emergency during your travels. (A medical summary is actually a good thing to carry with you whenever you travel…not just on dental vacations!)

      • Bring an extra pair of glasses or contact lenses …just in case.

        It doesn’t happen often, but luggage gets lost, glasses break…so it’s good to have a back-up!

      • Make photocopies of your passport and immunization records, and keep them in a separate location.

        It’s a lot easier to get a replacement of your passport if you’ve got a copy.

      • Carry enough medication to last through your trip.

        If you are coming to Costa Rica for one week, bring enough medication to last two weeks in case of any problems. You also need to protect your medication(s) from things like humidity and heat.

Preparations for Your Treatment

toolsDepending on your treatment, you may need to prepare yourself with time in advance before coming to Costa Rica for your dental vacation. Talk to one of our dentists to learn exactly what preparations that you will need to make before your procedure. Some common requirements are:

      • Change in diet or physical activity
      • Stopping or quitting smoking
      • Stopping taking medications you may be taking for other health issues
      • Replacing medications
      • Taking tests

Make sure to follow the directions of your dentist in order to avoid complications during your procedure.