Costa Rica Dental Implants and Coronavirus: when can I travel to Costa Rica? After May 15, 2021

Costa Rica Dental Implants and Coronavirus: when can I travel to Costa Rica? After May 15, 2021

Dear Patients,

This is a quick update on the situation regarding dental implants and coronavirus in Costa Rica. We want to also share some information on why you should consider, more than ever, going for Dental Implants in Costa Rica, or for any other dental procedure.

Dental Implants and Coronavirus situation. Costa Rica will be open soon.
National Park of Costa Rica. Photo by
Update on Coronavirus Data (April 14t, 2020)

Luckily, the situation in Costa Rica is under control and the strict measures of our public health officials are proving to be very effective. Costa Rica has a long history of having a robust healthcare system and we are ready for this. Our dental center, ConfiDental, is rigorously following all the guidelines of the WHO.

To this date (April 14), we only have 618 confirmed cases and 3 deaths. Our country is next to the best countries and is becoming a case study for the successful management of the crisis.

When will Costa Rica be open for international travelers?

According to the Ministry of Health, the country will be reopening the borders to international travelers on May 15, 2020. This date could be changed, so we suggest to get in contact with us to help you coordinate your plans. Our staff continues to work every day, so please feel free to contact us at or add us to Whatsapp +506 8504 8409, if you need any help.

I want to share with you a video done by one of our neighbors. It has some beautiful shots of the area around our dental center. It also has amazing footage of Costa Rica and San José, which has made us remember why we are one of the top places in the world for dental vacations.

We will continue to give you updates on the dental implants and coronavirus situation.

Stay safe, stay optimistic! See you soon in Costa Rica.

Dr. José Garita

Master in Dental Implants

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