New benefit: Nurse for international patients

New benefit: Nurse for international patients

In ConfiDental, our main priority is always ensuring the best dental work for every single patient that comes into our clinic. That’s why we’re delighted to add a nurse as part of our services post-surgery.

Johanna González

Every procedure has a guideline and indications that need to be followed for the treatment to be successful and the recovery to be as fast and easy as possible. In cases such as dental implant surgery, All-on-4, or All-on-6 surgery, the recovery process is defining the results that we are going to have.

After this type of surgery you have to be extremely conscious of the following indications:

  • Taking the medications the number of times prescripted at the corresponding hours.
  • You have to eat soft foods only for the first 3 days, any hot meals are prohibited.
  • The incision has to be cleaned.

To ensure that these indications are being carried out as thoroughly as possible, we added Johanna to our team. She’s a passionate and dedicated nurse with over 4 years of healthcare experience in a variety of medical settings, including private practices, emergency units, ICU, pre and post-surgical units, and geriatric patients.

She will visit the hotel the first three days after the procedure. She’ll make sure to help with the injections, taking your blood pressure, cleaning the incisions, taking your vital signs, and also check you’re eating properly.





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    00:31 11 Mar 24
    Dr. Carillo was very attentive to my care and was very quick to get the job done. Overall great... more
    Sherry KingSherry King
    17:50 20 Feb 24
    The best and fastest root canal I have ever had they were very professional.And at a very... reasonable priceread more
    Carmen GascueCarmen Gascue
    21:09 10 Feb 24
    Very happy with the experience overall. Excellent attention and efficiency. Wouldn’t doubt twice to... more
    Samvation McNairSamvation McNair
    22:10 08 Feb 24
    Great customer and the doc treated my dad really well! Thank you
    Irina ShtytserIrina Shtytser
    22:40 06 Feb 24
    I decided to come to see Dr. Garita based on the reviews. The doctor seemed very friendly to me,... although all 3 times that I came for an appointment, he never saw me on time. Always 30 minutes late.The first time I came for a teeth cleaning and consultation followed by a treatment plan. The teeth cleaning was done well, then they sent me for an x-ray. I expected that afterwards I would see the doctor again, who would work with me on a treatment plan (which teeth to do first, where there are difficult situations, etc.).Afterwards, at the reception I was told that the x-rays would be sent by mail later and the treatment plan too.As a result, I paid for the consultation, but did not receive a treatment plan or x-ray. I had to be reminded for the next week to get x-rays and a treatment plan sent to me. The plan was sent first, but it was not at all what I expected. Just the number of teeth that need to be treated and their cost nearby. This is called an "individualized treatment plan." Usually dentists give this for free, but oh well.Something unimaginable happened with the X-ray. They sent me a picture of the x-ray on WhatsApp, although we agreed that they would send it as a file. Then they didn’t send me anything for a long time, and finally they sent me a link that didn’t contain any file. After 2 weeks they offered to come to their clinic again for a face-to-face consultation and at the same time pick up an x-ray on the disk.The consultation took place (although there was obvious uncertainty on some points, for example about wisdom teeth and other points). But they never gave me the x-ray. My husband was late for work and we had to leave again without x-rays.I really didn't want to come for the 3rd time. But we still came because we were very limited in time. The doctor fixed several teeth for me, but the bite was wrong. After seeing another doctor, I had these fillings filed down.Result:I do not recommend going to this dentistry, they are very bad with organizational issues. If there are questions or doubts, you are asked to correct them the next time you come.Although they said that this was the first time they had such a difficult situation with sending files, I see shortcomings at all stages of visiting the more
    Halina BebenHalina Beben
    23:31 29 Jan 24
    Hi, my name is Halina and I live in Massachusetts United States and I have a pleasure to meet Dr.... Garita from confidential clinic and I would like to share with everyone the best place for Dental. If you need implants veneers crowns anything this place is the best I was for a week and Doctor Garita Did so much work bra for implants sinus lift remove two teeth so much work extremely good, gentle very intelligent and his staff is the best I cannot ask for better place to fix my teeth thank you thank you so much Dr. Garitaread more
    Danielle OlinskyDanielle Olinsky
    22:29 21 Jan 24
    These are the best Doctors so far. Dr. Garita truly cares about his patients and his main goal is... to save your teeth.Dr. Flores, the endontist performed 8 root canals and I didn't feel a thing!I am very grateful to have gone with my gut and chosen ConfiDental above the practice with the most reviews as they're communication was lacking but I have never had an issue with the communication from Dr. Garita and his staff.I can't wait to go back and get my permanent crowns as it took a great team to give me a smile I can be proud more
    I was solo backpacking in Costa Rica for a month and one week in I started getting really bad pain... in my wisdom teeth. I couldn't even open my mouth. I reached out to Confidental and they were nice enough to squeeze me into their schedules for the next day. Everyone from the front desk to the dentist were so incredibly nice. I was really nervous about going to a dentist in a foreign country by myself but they were very reassuring and made me feel so much better. They even made me a smoothie after my procedure! They took out two of my wisdom teeth and there was no pain or swelling in the days after which surprised me. I can't recommend them enough. I would come back to get my other two removed because of how nice they more
    More than happy with the attention and service provided. Dr.Garita is super passionate and... dedicated to his profession. He always takes the time to explain every procedure or consultation I have had. Thank you very much Confidential!read more
    Ana CedenoAna Cedeno
    02:18 25 Dec 23
    Total disappointment, my teeth were deformed in three months. Soon I will upload photos of all the... bad experience I had and the amount I paid many $$$ to leave worse than when I more
    Monserrat BarbozaMonserrat Barboza
    23:19 11 Dec 23
    From experience I can say that I recommend ConfiDental 100% thanks to the experience of Dr. Garita... and the team of professionals, I have been able to perform treatments that I delayed for so long due to the fear and anxiety that dentists produce in me. The technology they use for the procedures is very modern. I will always thank you for not judging me and giving me the best possible treatment according to my more
    We recently traveled to Costa Rica for the sole purpose of my husband having major dental work... (four extractions, 6-tooth bridge, and a double filling). After a routine checkup, I too underwent major dental work (two root canals and fitting of Invisalign retainers). This is my husband's second time visiting Dr. Jose Garita at Confidental. His first visit was for a root canal which required surgery. We cannot speak highly enough of the treatment and care we have received from Dr. Garita, his dental assistants, Fabiola and Flor, and his receptionist, Isabel. This dental practice is first class, and Dr. Garita is an extremely dedicated and experienced dentist, who received training in the United States. We would not hesitate in recommending Dr. Garita at ConfiDental, for all your dental more
    Carol PulverCarol Pulver
    02:07 08 Nov 23
    Do not hesitate to have all your dental issues taken care of at Confidental in Costa Rica. The... staff is fabulous and go above and beyond to make you comfortable. Dr. Garita is very knowledgeable, has the latest equipment and really wants his patients to be happy with the end result. I had a full mouth makeover and couldn’t be happier. I now have the smile I always wanted and I thank Dr. Garita and his staff for making my dreams come more
    I needed a dental assessment due to pain and got an appointment on short notice. The diagnostic... possibilities, the differential diagnoses were discussed and explained clearly. The communication in english was flawless. The prices were told in advance. The whole assessment was professional yet friendly. As patient I was in focus, not the money. I thank Dr. Garita and his team for the help. Highly more
    brent Smithbrent Smith
    01:14 27 Sep 23
    The photos should speak for themselves. If you're traveling here for dental work, you need to start... here. Dr Jose Garita is an EXPERT in the field. Magnitude of experience and rotations between NYU, California and many many more. My brand new teeth and smile speak for every second of Dr Garita's years and experience in dental medicine. Oh...and his English is perfect too!I was coming from America with no knowledge of anything when I started. I was scared. I had a severely diseased mouth with no options. After reaching out to 10 different dental practices in Costa Rica, I soon realized why Confidental is rated #1.The office is located securely in beautiful La Sabana, and the beautiful Ms Isabella (+506 8504 8409) whom also speaks perfect English, will help arrange ANYTHING you need on your stay once here. I even got a free massage 😍! (Not from her lol). Transportation, savings on hotels, assistance in flight arrangements, after procedure care will be provided.The international coordinator Benjamin (+506 8543 4291) is where you'll be directed at the start. He will walk you through everything you need to know.I had a magnitude of disease in my mouth. Started losing teeth around 14 years old after an injury, I'm 39 now. I needed multiple bone grafts. Not only from bone loss over the years, but also to replace the active infection Dr Garita had to remove from my upper jawbone. I had five implants on top and four on the bottom with zirconium upper and lower bars. It's important to note that Dr Garita only uses the best zirconium and best implants. Which means they are under warranty. That is a huge peace of mind.The entire process for me was two trips. The first trip of 12 days, and a second trip of 14 days. With a 4-month healing period back home in between. Don't worry, Dr Garita is going to make sure you have a perfectly functional, aesthetically pleasing set of temporary teeth to go home with after your first appointment. The office even checks up on you once you're home.All I can say is good things about my experience with Dr Garita, Isabella, Benjamin and many other wonderful staff.Before you start looking elsewhere in San Jose, understand, there are going to be a lot of cheaper options. There is a very good reason why they are cheaper!!! You know better! Do not get lured in by one and done, inexpensive talk from inexperienced dentists using less quality materials. Do not fall for the other options in San Jose. If you want quality and expertise then you will have to start with confidental.See the three before and three after photos if you need proof. All I have to do now is relearn how to smile now that it has been given back to me. Pure Life!!! ❤️-Brentread more
    Kathya VillalobosKathya Villalobos
    21:42 21 Jul 23
    I had the opportunity to visit the ConfiDental dental clinic in Costa Rica, and I must say it was... an exceptional experience from start to finish. ConfiDental is really amazing. The level of service and expertise overpassed my expectations. From the patient coordinator to the administrative team and the medical staff, you can really notice the expertise and professionalism, always warm, friendly and very helpful. Dr. Garita is really professional and skilled, taking the time to explain every step of the procedure I needed clearly and reassuring, which significantly eased any apprehensions I had. The clinic is really comfortable, clean and equipped with modern technology and strict protocols for sterilization. I highly recommend ConfiDental to those looking for a dental clinic that prioritizes high quality and patient satisfaction.Thanks ConfiDental!P.S. Love their coffee! 👌🏼☕️read more
    Harold LaBonteHarold LaBonte
    23:19 13 Jul 23
    Very capable dentist and team solved complex problem for my wife. Total professionals took time to... understand the problem thoroughly. Outcome a success. Cost reasonableHaroldCaliforniaread more
    Darwin GDarwin G
    00:29 02 Jul 23
    I traveled out of the country to come here. The staff is excellent and profesional. I am extremely... happy with dental work I received. I highly recommend this establishment!!read more
    Kevin GarciaKevin Garcia
    01:42 01 Jul 23
    Probably the best dental experience I’ve ever had. As an American, getting dental work in the... states is tough and very expensive. It is a fraction of the cost here and with way better care than most U.S. dentists! The staff and dentist are so great and helpful. I got implants done and was terrified at first, but after consulting with the doctor they made the procedure a breeze. I want to thank Dr. Garita and the staff who gave me my smile and bite back! The process was smooth and easy! If you’re considering doing dental tourism go here. They are seriously the best dentist in Costa Rica! Thank you all so much!read more
    Am LAm L
    10:32 23 Jun 23
    I'm so upset with this place that I don't even know where to start.After viewing the video that... Benjamin did, I realized I got so ripped off.They never offered a ride from the airport. I paid 45$ in a cab at 11 pm, due to the plane being delayed.They never offered to pick me up for my appointment. I took an Uber, which is cheaper than a Taxi, but still paid 15$, one way.When I got to my appointment, I asked questions about the treatment plan, and the office lady said 100$.Long story short, they charged me 200$! I already sent them a pano and bitewing, but they insisted on the 3D scan. I've been a dental hygienist for 25 years, and saying you need a 3D scan is a total scam.I'll post pics of the messages that I received saying I need a sinus lift and get this-250 for antibiotics!!I feel like reporting them to the Dental Society. I'm running out of room. Will post pics of our convo once I figure out how to do it.Oh, and he wouldn't let my service animal in! I will probably file a complaint with the American Disability more
    Phil PatonPhil Paton
    21:17 24 May 23
    I had “the works” done at Confidental - 11 extractions and 9 implants! Major, major work. 6... months start to finish. With such a great amount of work we were very careful to choose the right dentist for this journey. Dr Garrita and his staff are beyond wonderful. In addition to amazing and considerate patient care (nervous and somewhat phobic) Dr Garrita offers exceptional experience and skill. Coupled with a perfectionist approach in attention to detail for fit, feel and appearance this dentist ensures that you walk away absolutely, 100% happy with the final results. Excellent communication and scheduling. Exceeded any dentist I have visited in the USA.There are many choices for dental work in San Jose, Costa Rica and we cannot recommend Confidental highly more
    Dr. Garita and his staff are great. Super professional, kind, caring and very skilled.I had met... with Dr. Garita for a consultation for implants. That process went smoothly, and, unlike some dentists in CR, they have the proper 3D x-ray equipment they need to provide a full treatment plan.Well, while waiting for the treatment plan, and still in Costa Rica, I experienced a major dental emergency. I contact Dr. Garita's patient coordinator, Benjamin, at 7am, before the office opened and explained the situation, and he said he would get back to me after they opened at 8.He got back to me promptly at 8 (have you been to Costa Rica... You could possibly wait a few days for a reply at times from a business) and said that they could see me that evening at 5.That evening, Dr. Garita, his office manager, and two of his hygienists, stayed two hours past their closing time, and solved my issue.I can not recommend ConfiDental highly enough, and I'm looking forward to returning for implants in a few months!read more
    Aga AgnieszkaAga Agnieszka
    03:25 09 Feb 23
    The dentist you want to have is the dentist you can trust . I chose Dr Garita and confidential... clinic based on good reviews from his clients . From the moment I walked in, I was treated with kindness and respect, from the front office to the assistants/hygienists . Dr Garita has a very calm demeanor which puts you at ease and makes you feel very comfortable at the clinic . He really took the time to go through and discuss all the best options for my teeth and followed it up by giving me my dream smile! I came to Dr Garita with teeth that were in bad shape and ended up having very extensive work done including bone graft , implants , root canal and crowns during my 2 visits to Costa Rica . All my top crowns are zirconia and they look amazing . I am very happy with my results . I had some serious sensitivity after dental work for about 2 weeks ( expected) but now it's completely gone and I can any food I want I am getting a lot of complements from people here in US . My teeth look extremely natural , not fake . I am so happy that I finally had it done in Costa Rica !For all people that are looking for a dentist in San Jose Costa Rica I highly recommend him .read more
    Tina ElarioTina Elario
    23:03 24 Sep 22
    This dental practice will be the best investment that you will ever make. I went to Costa Rica with... 5 appointments for crown lengthening and veneers from the highest rated clinics in San Jose. After all initial consultations, this clinic was by far the best! I am so happy with the results!! This clinic is a MUST at least fir an initial consultation!read more
    Elizabeth GammansElizabeth Gammans
    15:50 22 Aug 22
    I highly recommend Dr Garita. This is not a huge clinic, so you know Dr Garita will be working on... you. He is a highly qualified dentist. My teeth look great. Thanks Confidental for making my trip to San Jose so easy and stress free .read more
    John BakerJohn Baker
    18:43 16 Aug 22
    Dr. Garita and his professional staff are some of the most amazing people I've ever met. I... experienced no pain and had over 7 crowns and 1 Implant placed without any issues. I highly recommend this dental practice to my friends and family. Thank you for everything and I plan on coming back for more work in the future.Confidental is the place to go and much more affordable than prices in the United States..They treat you like VIP from start to finishThanks again!Best,Nelsonread more
    Olivia AleksieOlivia Aleksie
    13:48 15 Jul 22
    I highly recommend this office for any kind of dental work. Dr Garita is a top professional that... will take care of your teeth like no one else. He’s a type of a doctor you can trust. The office is very clean, the hygiene is top, everyone is very nice and professional. Before every single small procedure he explained me what we are going to do, why is it necessary etc. Had to fly twice with 6 weeks break in between in order to let my gums heal before the second procedure, but it was definitely worth it.On top of the excellent dental work him and his team go above and beyond to take care of you , to help accommodate and make you feel comfortable .read more
    Gary CoraritoGary Corarito
    14:41 02 Dec 21
    I love my new smile and ability to eat whatever I want. Dr Garita and staff were awesome!!
    Andy RhodesAndy Rhodes
    19:50 01 Sep 21
    Great experience from the time I was picked up from SJO till my last visit three weeks later. Being... that I was from out of country (Texas) they made me a top priority. I had done 29 zirconium dental crowns. I have to say it was a much more intensive process than I had first envisioned, but Dr.Garita and Dr. Barrantes, along with all of their staff were wonderful at getting me thru it! ConfiDental was a very clean and modern facility in every regard.The receptionist, Erica was very pleasant and made sure that all my needs were met while I was in country from arranging the initial hotel reservation, to any insight I had while in Costa Rica. Thanks for everything. PuraVidaread more
    Mario InchaustiMario Inchausti
    02:02 20 Jul 21
    I can’t say enough about Dr. Garita. He took the time to explain everything clearly. I had all my... teeth replaced with zirconia: a horrifying procedure under the best of circumstances. Dr. Garita and his excellent staff went above and beyond to make the experience as comfortable and untraumatic as humanly possible. I’m convinced that I got the best treatment available, period. I now have no pain & a dazzling Clooney-level smile. If you’re considering Confidental for any reason, don’t more
    Matt SalvatorMatt Salvator
    16:15 12 Jul 21
    Excellent customer service and quality work. Truly happy with the service and final outcome. ... Highly recommend this dental more
    benji naranjobenji naranjo
    01:30 15 Apr 21
    After looking at many dental offices, getting my Porcelain Veneers done with ConfiDental has been... by far the best investment I've made for my dental health. Since I first reached out the journey was professional and very warm. Dr.Garita was a very important guide and the results were way better than I expected. I can smile confidently again. Dr.Garita is definitely the leader in aesthetic restorative treatments in Costa more
    David PerrataDavid Perrata
    18:59 13 Apr 18
    I love ConfiDental Clinic in Costa Rica and Dr. Jose Garita. When I first contacted the clinic,... Dr. Roberts was amazing and helped me determine what I needed. After many long discussions, emails and text he provided me a treatment estimate. When I arrived at the airport, ConfiDental had a personal driver pick me up and take me to my Hotel that was close to the clinic. I was greeted by a lovely lady, Alajandra and Dr. Garita's wife, Margoth. Margoth was so warm and welcoming and was genuinely a very nice person. From the moment I stepped into their very clean and hi-tech clinic, I knew ConfiDental would be my new dental home. The clinic was the most modern clinic I have ever seen. I had a complete mouth rehabilitation as you can see by the pictures. The aesthetics were wonderful, the bite was amazing and my life changed forever. I will never go to another clinic in my life. I would highly recommend ConfiDental and Dr. Jose more

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